Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Return of the Mushrooms! Lepiota rachodes & Clitocybe gigantea?

Lepiota rachodes: the shaggy parasol

Top of stem staining orange when cut:

Clitocybe gigantea?

Two different color spore prints from capsin the same clump:

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Dr. Bob!

thanks to the celebrity and memorability of your dogs, I was able to tell this was your photo when I conducted a google images search on Clitocybe gigantea. Chris and I just yesterday found a fairy ring of these so large, it's probably the most biomass we've ever seen in a single fruiting! y guess is there were well over 100 carps, and the average was about the size of your head! Where are you living these days? We miss seeing your friendly face! Molly from CMS