Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Mushrooms of 9-25-9

Look at this weird mushroom!

The trip mascot:

What was left of the edible bounty after the first Chanterelle meal

Unknown #1: If I spinkle cinnamon on it does that make it a matsutaki?

Unknown #2: Red cap at night, shroomer's delight?

WAIT! ID by COW: Boletus Mirabilis! WTG COW!

Unknown #3: Half a shroom's better than none...

Miscellaneous xerampelinoids:

Unknown #4: Wart top

Unknown #5: Originally purple and green, now greenish brown

Unknown #6: 8" tall bolete - there are scratches on stem and pores showing it stains brown if at all.

Unknown #7: green-brown viscid top with indigo on stem


1 comment:

Chickenofthewoods said...

DUDE! You found a King Bolete! Your tall specimen is most likely a king, it is just very old looking and nasty. Your warty capped things are Amanita pantherina, most likely. Your white mystery is a Russula brevipes...and...there were some cortinarius down near the bottom.... what else? Can't remember...